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Primal Vinyasa® is a functional movement method rooted in self-inquiry. This practice is for teachers and students from all types of movement modalities, who want relief from pain or discomfort, and who desire to rediscover and refine their authentic strengths and capabilities. The practices are challenging, yet accessible; always interesting, never boring, and deeply engaging on all levels. The method will awaken the version of yourself that moves more holistically and free.

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Our Primal Vinyasa® Subscription allows you to access ALL of our Primal Vinyasa Content in one place. We’ve created a map to help you get to wherever you want to go, beginning from wherever you currently are. By diving into the teachings, you’ll discover strength, mobility, and overall movement competency previously unimagined. If you’re a teacher leading movement classes or helping others one-on-one, you’ll learn skills that will profoundly uplevel your teaching prowess, proficiency and artistry.

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Over 50 individual therapeutic movement lessons that will transform the way you move. – $799 value

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A growing library with Therapeutics & Kids Classes included.


Access to live and prerecorded workshops and discounts on trainings.

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With Primal Vinyasa® founder Annie Adamson and weekly Primal Vinyasa® Certified guest. teachers.

Primal Medicine

Access to herbal making tutorials and discounts on workshops and trainings.

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The practices are so influential, your body will automatically recognize and integrate them into everyday activities like sitting, standing, walking, working, and picking things up. This natural integration process will yield immediate and long-lasting results with little to no extra effort. It’s truly an amazing process!

It’s time to ditch the old story of degeneration and get back on an upward spiral of movement. Learn to write a new story for yourself in body language – via enhanced embodied awareness, movement and expression! Discover how to more fully recognize and embrace your authentic self so you can share it with the world. Your body and soul will thank you for accepting the adventure.

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Courses for SALE

Courses are a deep dive exploration into the anatomy and alignment cues that will allow you to integrate the drills seamlessly into your classes to build strength, prevent injury and build self-mastery

The best value for exploring our online material offerings. Each course is made up of short movement drills, many of which are only available exclusively through these bundled courses. All content is available to stream and can be downloaded for lifetime access upon purchase.

These courses will reintroduce you to your own unique intuitive animator – the part of you that knows how to move well, recognizes movement as a celebration of humanness, and is capable of inciting a deep process of healing and renewal. With regularity, these practices will result in joy, competency, strength, increased range of motion, and greater resilience.

Drills for SALE

Each of these drill videos will take you through an essential movement within the Primal Vinyasa framework. To encourage engagement, access expires 6 weeks from purchase. NOTE: Some drills are only accessible from within the category courses.

Full Course Classes for SALE

Learn how to apply the drills into sequences that help you tie it all together.

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