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Healthy Hips – Primal Therapeutics Workshop with Annie Adamson

May 22, 2020 @9:00am-10:45am pst

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Discover the power to move from your center of gravity.

Unwind excess tension in your pelvis, which tends to result in mechanical movement. Smooth out those edges. Lubricate your joints, so your hips can glide free and easy as you walk, run, dance, play, etc. In this workshop, you’ll learn therapeutic ways of increasing strength and mobility, the variety of ranges your hips are capable of moving through, and exactly where your unique capacities and limitations lie. You’ll learn to access what you’ve go, and drive more power from your amazing hips.

Come be awakened to a direct experience of the deeper-feeling, fuller-expressing version of your self. This workshop will ground you in your body, with a lighter, more joyful, more beautiful way of walking through the world.

Dive deeper into your understanding and enjoyment of healthy movement.

Below you’ll find detailed information that will absolutely revolutionize your body awareness, coordination, strength, mobility, and competence in movement. The information I share here is the synthesis of my studies, my movement practices, and my twenty years working clinically with private clients. I am so excited to share these insights with you, so that you too can develop your knowledge and appreciation for your wonderful and amazing body!

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