Primal Core
Parts 1 & 2


Cultivate your deepest, most functional core. In this workshop, you’ll learn the secret of how to strengthen your core.

This secret will greatly help prevent injury as you work to build the core you’ve always dreamed of: one that anchors you in your movement, coordinates with your breath, and looks amazing!

Learn how to use this secret to build strength and mobility throughout your body without sacrificing structural integrity.

This is a two part series. Each part is 1hour. Part 1 begins with a 5 minute lecture and progresses into somatic (feeling-based) exercises for attuning to your core. From there, the series progresses through a series of drills for learning the secret and refining your core strength.


Though they’re not downloadable, purchase allows you lifetime access to the workshops so you can return to them as often as you like.



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Parts 1 & 2

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