Primal Core
Part 2 with Annie Adamson Live Online 2/27/2020 – 9:45-am-pst


Primal Core (part 2)

February 27th, 2020 9:00am-10:45am PST

learn the all too common mistakes people make in their movement training, so you’ll be able to avoid the frustration of putting in a lot of work and getting little or no positive results. You’ll come away knowing how to enjoying maximum results with minimal effort.
How is it possible? Spoiler alert: it’s about the way you breath.
A healthy, functioning core has more to do with inter-abdominal pressure (IAP) than aesthetics. Don’t know what that is? As a mover, you’ll definitely want to learn. But it’s not a problem. You’re going to learn.
I’ll teach you what a functional core routine looks and feels like. So if you choose to do targeted exercises in the future, you’ll know which to do and how to do them effectively. But even if you never do another crunch in your life, you’ll learn how to anchor all your movement from your center, where your stability resides.
I’ll teach you how to sense and use inter abdominal pressure for strength and power; to ensure you don’t tweak your back doing what you need to do or enjoying the activities you love. I’ll even teach you how to stretch from your center, so your yoga practice feels more thorough and holistic.
This workshop will literally improve how you do everything.
No kidding!
Whether your chiseling a six pack or just want to safely lift the kids, the time you spend here will enhance your overall health for the rest of your life.


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Part 2 with Annie Adamson Live Online 2/27/2020 – 9:45-am-pst

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