Primal Vinyasa Subscription

From: $25 / month

All Primal Vinyasa® content in one place.

Basic Subscription – $25 per month

  • 150+ On-Demand classes
  • 40+ Therapeutic On-Demand workshops
  • Live Therapeutic workshops (monthly)
  • Live Primal Vinyasa® online classes
  • All 5 Primal Vinyasa Courses
    • Fundamentals – 11 Drills
    • Contralateral – 9 Drills
    • Sensory Processing – 10 Drills
    • Ground Reaction Force – 9 Drills
    • Migration – 8 Drills
  • 4 course-specific classes
  • 3 month subscription commitment

48 Hour Money Back Guarantee. 3 month commitment. 


All-Access – $40 per month

All Primal Vinyasa content (above), PLUS all Yoga Union live classes and on-demand content.



We are naturally dynamic, strong, flexible, and deeply intuitive. Our bodies are born to move, but in our modern world too much repetition often leads to stagnation, injury and pain. Healthy movement is a diversity of movement. Primal Vinyasa is intelligent, functional mobility training that will teach you the skills for more advanced poses while transcending the boundaries of traditional yoga practice. Tap into your strong center through a thoughtful progression of strength training and mind-body-awareness practices; remember your innate capacity for relaxed, balanced, and powerful movement.

Our Primal Vinyasa Subscription grants you virtual access to our entire library of Primal Vinyasa programming. You have access to all 5 Primal Vinyasa Category Course Lessons: Fundamentals, Contralateral, Sensory Processing, Ground Reaction Force, and Migration. Within each Course Lesson, you have access to view the Individual Drills and Classes of each Course.

As you become familiar with this platform,, it is suggested that you first begin with the Fundamentals Course, as these are foundational movements. The order of suggested coursework is as follows: Fundamentals, Contralateral, Sensory Processing, Ground Reaction Force, and Migration. This is a self led program which means you have access to all content and the option to navigate the content at your pace and in your order of choosing.

You have access to our Live Streaming Classes. At this time, these classes are offered weekly by Annie Adamson, Founder of Primal Vinyasa Yoga and our Certified Primal Vinyasa Teachers.

As part of your Subscription, on the first of each month we will add 4 Classes to this platform for you with exclusive access.

If you are unsatisfied with your commitment and the content provided, you have 48 hours cancel your subscription with a money back guarantee.

With your purchase you agree to an on-going membership subscription of $25/month with a 3 month minimum commitment.

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