Therapeutic Application of Meditation and Pranayama
with D’ana Baptiste


Live Virtual Workshop

Sun. 8/15 10am – 2pm PST

Breathing consciously may be one of the most healing tools in your “yoga therapeutics” tool box.

Taking our breath off of auto-pilot, whether through the use of pranayama, breath work, or even meditation and nidra practices, combines ageless wisdom with cutting edge scientific discoveries.
Conscious breathing has tremendous physiological benefits: works all of the primary breathing muscles, increases lung capacity, increases VO2 max, and aims for a complete release of the exhale from the lungs. This energizes the body and improves our quality of life by giving us constant access to greater oxygen supplies.

Active breathing also supports the lymphatic system, acting as a pump for the circulation and elimination of lymph, supporting the cells in their efforts at regeneration.

At a deeper level, and perhaps more importantly, active breathing stimulates the limbic brain: the amygdala, hippocampus, hypothalamus. This network is the “storage depot” for emotions, memories, and primal reactions. Breath work generates theta brain waves, which moves our subconscious mind closer to our consciousness so that we can then review it from a place of objectivity rather than reactions. Thus we can release stress, memories of trauma, and frozen emotional states, creating space for new experiences that match our current vibrational pattern.



D’ana Baptiste, previous owner of Inbody Yoga Academy, Centered City Yoga, and her non-profit organization “Yogis in Service,” can rightfully be called a pioneer in this vast world of Yoga. A yogi from Oakland, CA, now residing in Mexico, D’ana’s ultimate “message” is to find one’s own way in the big “mind-body” world. D’ana has trained or influenced nearly every teacher in Utah’s Mountain West, with over 30 years experience in and influence over the yoga industry. She has built a community of dedicated yoga practitioners who love her philosophy of embracing all that life has to offer, using all the senses to do so. D’ana manages and organizes workshops and retreats across the country and in Mexico. She now teaches almost exclusively online through studio platforms, private online sessions, and live streaming on as a “top producer.” She has authored three books on the Yoga Sutras and the practical application of deeper yogic principles. D’ana is an IAYT accredited Yoga Therapist, as well as a master trainer of Yoga Therapists. She learns much about life from hanging out with her three boys and her granddaughter, who help her keep it real.



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with D’ana Baptiste

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